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About Us-

Memorial provides a new way to commemorative and honor someone you love or care about dearly.  It is often hard for all family members and friends to attend a funeral service as well as visit the memorial site in a cemetery.  With this new service, family and friends will be able to view and share condolences from anywhere around the world at any time. 

The memorial creation process can also be therapeutic for a family member grieving.  It provides many helpful aspects of handling the grief resulting from the loss of a loved one.  The creation of a memorial promotes the realities of loss and change that are so needed in order to handle the emptiness of losing someone close to the heart. A sense of accomplishment will follow the completion of a loved one's website, and will serve as a place to celebrate memories for generations to come.

Founded in the beginning of 1999, Memorial was founded on the principle that every life is worth remembering.   Until now, these memories and photos have faded away with time.  Memorial prides itself on its mission which is "to provide a sanctuary of remembrance now and for generations to come."   

We hope that you will find our service to be beneficial.

Thank you for keeping the memories alive,
The Team at Memorial


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