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The master knows the plan
That we cannot see
He only does what is best
For both, you and me

The Lord, He gives
And the Lord He takes away
My child stayed for a short time
And now has gone today

Yet my Father in Heaven
Has the right view
And even if we don't understand
I know His love is true

Jesus has my child
He has welcomed with open arms
And now I know my child
Can never ever be harmed

I'm really not sure
Why this tragedy took place
But I know this my Lord
I'll see him face to face

Children they are His
He has only to us lent
And when it is time
His angels He has sent

To take my child away
To live with Him on high
But I will not be sad
I'll see Him by and by

I know where my child is
He is with the King
And now my heart will rejoice
My heart will also sing

For life on earth is but a glimpse
Compared to our heavenly place
And we will be together
Once more face to face

Here is a poem that brought us comfort after the death of our 8-day old son. 
Time will heal but never replace.  Our hearts are with you Columbine.

                                       In His Name,
                                                     Lonnie and Barbara Melton


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