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This web site was created by the students, faculty,
friends, and families of Columbine High School
to honor and celebrate the lives of those
taken and those that live on.

Please send us anything that you would like published
on this site. This can include poetry, artwork,
photographs, letters, and any other form of expression.

1048 S. Ocean Blvd
Palm Beach, FL 33480
(303) 998-0855

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Please click above to preview the song in Real Audio format
This song was written and is performed by the Cohen brothers.
You can place an order for your own copy of the CD
by sending a check for $11.95 to:

Friend of Mine
520 W. Aberdeen Ave.
Littleton, CO 80120

Friend of Mine

All proceeds from music sales will go directly to the
victim's families and a Columbine relief fund.

Authorized media members click here

Hope Columbine Fund
HOPE Columbine
P.O. Box 24035
Denver, CO 80224-0035

Send Remebrance Flowers to be distibuted by the above organizations:
Please write down the above address before clicking below.

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