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To the families, students, and staff at Columbine High School,
 We in West Virginia send our deepest regrets to the terrible act that was placed upon your school and community. Our hearts are broken and prayers are with you.With one child in high school and the other entering next year it's made us all realize it could happen here. 
We think of you everyday.
The Sparks family,
Tom, Marsha, Crystal, and Jill



I don't have any loved ones that were killed, traumatized, or injured.
I just want to send my deepest sympathies to everyone involved.   I do not
send any sympathy from my heart towards the two killers.  They
took matters into their own hands.   I do have sympathy towards the
families of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, since they lost children. 
I know what it is like to tragically lose a child (14 yr. old) too soon.
We are all supposed to be buried by our children, not bury our children.
All of this is wrong!  I hope something is learned from this tragedy, and
that good comes out of it.  I am extremely gratified to see a small community come together like they have.  My deepest, heartfelt feelings go out to everyone involved .  I live just outside of Los Angeles, CA and I
know it could happen here.  God forbid it does!
Sincerely and thank you to all,
Lisa R. Genets
Los Angeles, California



"Life is lived day by day"

God says don't look to the past but look to the future and what it has in hold for you. My prayers are with you all, and so is most of Greenwood, Arkansas.
In my prayers,


                 ABUSE IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR MURDER !!!!!!

Although I live on the East Coast - some 2,000 miles away from
Littleton, Colorado, I have been utterly devastated by the Columbine
High School massacre. Never have I cried so hard and slept so little
since the 1985 Kentucky drunk driving bus crash that killed 27 kids
during a church youth group trip to an amusement park.
I have family that lives in the Denver metro area. My brother works in
Littleton not far from the school. I am the uncle of a niece and nephew
at neighboring Douglas County High School. I am jubilant to report
everyone's ok and safe despite being next door to "ground zero". My
niece graduated from Douglas High on Saturday, May 22nd.
The Columbine Massacre has re-opened some old wounds in me of how I was
abused in my high school days. I have written to debunk the excuses of
abuse that some are using as justification for Eric's and Dylan's
murderous rampage through Columbine High School.
During my junior high years and the first year of high school, I lived
through a hell of physical, emotional, and verbal abuse from fellow
students. I admitted to my mom just last week, they're are times of
physical abuse she didn't even know about. I wasn't popular so I was a
loner. I felt I was a "punching bag". I also lived in a dysfunctional
family. I even tried to kill myself because I was so disliked.
One day, in high school, during lunch, a guy named Kevin walked to my
table and invited me to a meeting that night. It was a night I haven't
forgotten some 25 years later. It was filled with laughter, joy, and
happiness. There was singing, clapping, some kids dancing too. Then
there were hilariously funny skits by the leaders. After all was calm,
the leaders got to the purpose of the meeting: A Personal Relationship
with Jesus Christ. The leaders were from a youth ministry called Young
Life - based in Colorado Springs.
Through my last years of high school, I virtually lived with the "club"
as it was known on those Wednesday nights. My parents even let me have
50 to 60 crazy and wild YLer's at our house for a couple of hours of
fun, fellowship and prayer. I followed Young Life on summer retreats to
Saranac, Windy Gap, and La Vida. I also went on weekend retreats. It
was an absolute joy to be involved with Young Life.
My association with Young Life gave me a boost in self-confidence and
self-esteem. In my Freshmen Year, I was a member of the Homecoming
Decoration Committee. For three years, I was a member of the Student
Government Association (SGA) in which I was Home Room Rep. I got to
travel to other area high schools for County SGA meetings. I sold candy
for the Senior Class. I also played in the annual seniors verses the
teachers softball game (I forgot who won, though). I went to the Senior
Prom with, get this, a date from our rival high school. With Young
Life's help, I graduated June 6th, 1977.
Thanks to Kevin, we are now the best of friends. He is the pastor of an
inner city Philadelphia, Pa church. I can call him and visit with his
family (wife & three teenagers) at any time I want. I even called him
at close to midnight the other night and cried about this wholly
unnecessary tragedy. I needed his pastoral counseling to deal with my
tumultuous emotions on this bloody massacre that occurred extremely to
close to my brother's family.
Today, at 40, I still live with some of those scars of abuse. However,
I have a full time job going on 14 years with a Top 10 Corporation. I
have earned two college degrees. I have been engaged in politics,
protests, volunteer work, etc. Moreover, I HAVE NOT KILLED ANYONE over
the abuses I suffered (if I did, I wouldn't be writing this).
What was done to Eric and Dylan was wrong, plain and simple, period!!!!
I find it ludicrous some people are using Eric's and Dylan's abuse as
justification for murder. If any of you want to be different, an
YOURSELF AND ACTIONS. You will be taunted, looked at, sneered at,
gossiped at, made fun of, and so on. It's all-wrong but that is teenage
human nature. I know first hand because I experienced them.
Ask yourself why aren't you liked and do something about it. Talk to
your parents, a guidance counselor, a classmate you trust, your pastor,
whomever. Also, get involved at school, your church, and your
community. Pick a hobby. For me, I like baseball cards - I have over
100,000. I'm a baseball fan too. I like the Baltimore Orioles. I
implore you, just don't stand around and pout, feeling sorry for
Finally, I pray the massacre at Columbine High School on April 20th,
1999 sounds a clarion call to America's adult population to take our
kids violent threats seriously. We adults are the bridges to their
future. When will we take the responsibility to protect them, nurture
them and guide them until they are ready to cross those bridges?
I don't hold the Harris and Klebold parents SOLELY responsible for the
son's murderous rampage. Eric and Dylan are victims too. Both fell
through the cracks of bureaucratic indifference of the Jefferson County
Sheriff's Department. They failed to take seriously the violent threats
of Eric. Yes, Eric and Dylan murdered 13 of their classmates, but law
enforcement and societal apathy killed all 15 kids.
To America's teenagers, I am so sorry for my fellow adults' failure to
stop this awful tragedy. How many more dead teenagers and brokenhearted
parents, siblings, friends will the toll climb to stop the killing?
PLEASE no more Columbine's, Paducah's, Jonesboro's, Springfield's or
To America's adults, our country's future is drowning in our children's

NOTE:  I have pasted this same testimony in the Denver Post's online
newspaper at It has generated a lot of debate over
school abuse.
Lastly, I give everyone who reads this permission to copy and paste on
your web-site. Just make sure to give Jesus Christ all the deserved
Glory and Praise for all that read this. Also, please e-mail Mark Friis
at if you do decide to copy and pass it along.


-To all who have suffered from injuries, or a loss of a special loved one,    
I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with
you every day.  I have made it a point to learn something about each of the
victims so whenever the tragedy is mentioned,  I can think immediately of one of your loved ones.  I will not give in to the boys who created this chaos for you.  My first thoughts will never be with them.  Please know that people all over are supporting you in your attempt to heal, and I for one offer you my support. I wanted to let you know how very brave all of you are, Not because you have survived your loss, because I don't believe that you ever really get over a loss like that, but because you are strong enough to try to go on with your lives.

Good luck and God bless you all,
     -Kim R



Lately I have been thinking a lot about the Columbine shootings. I think
that nothing like that could ever happen in a school like mine. There are
less then 100 students at my high school. I read stories about what happened that day and how people cope with it. Still it seem like anything that would happen at my school. Know with all the violence starting to spread I fear going to school more and more each day. I keep saying to myself that it could not happen at my school, but what if it does? Recently a friend of mine committed suicide, that was the scariest thing that has ever happened in this community. And still almost a year and a half later it is still really hard to talk about it. So how could our community be able to deal with 13 deaths? It scares me to think that some day we might have to.To all the people in Littleton: I admire your community's   courage and I hope that you go on being as strong as you are.

Hi, my name is Sadie Rodgers and I am  from  Sumner Memorial H.S.  
I  can't even begin to imagine what happened, and I am so very sorry about  what happened.  All those people died  because of two students gone  crazy.  I don't blame it on the media in any  way.  I  believe if the  kids can't handle the  music, they  shouldn't be listening to it in the first  place.  I  personally listen to so  called 'bad' music, and it doesn't  play with  my  brain and make me wanna kill.   I honestly think the boys  had  a mental   state and the  people around them didn't know it!  I  am  once again  sooooooo sorry  for all the tragedy!!!                               

P.S. write me anytime


I would like to take this time to say that you have remained in my thoughts
and prayers.  I live in Athens, GA and I have 2 kids in the local school
systems.  I pray every day as they leave that nothing will happen to them.  I am a local deputy sheriff and can only imagine the feeling that the officers felt as they heard shot after shot and were unable to do anything.  To all the surviving students, teachers, staff, and families.  Pull together and remember those who have gone to be with our lord.  We are all only here for a short while some just long enough to touch a few hearts and give a few smiles then God calls us home. God bless you all.
Jeff,Tabitha,Dallas,Porsha Walker


The strength that is shown from the world's tragedy is shown by all those who hold onto the hope of Salvation and Christ's forgiving love. Thank you for being strong and holding onto that hope, to give a message to the rest of the world. I think Columbine is just a symbol of all the tragedy and pain on this desolate earth. Christ's love is the hope that flourishes, its the water that we thirst for when times like these come to us. Columbine, Friend of Mine, is a song that I think everyone should be able to relate to. We all have heartbreak and pain. and it can all turn into the gain of learning of Christ's love. Hallelujah! The world is stronger because of HIM. Amen.

In Christ, in Hope,
Amy Avery , FL

My dear friends,
I am a mother of three, a pediatric nurse and someone who has followed your
school from Michigan with the rest of the world.  Hearing the latest news of your school closing for the students has prompted me to write to you, not knowing if you will read heart is just heavy.  There are millions like me who lay awake at night and think about every student and teacher in your wonderful school....not even knowing their names.  But you are all so special and will always be until the end of time.....We know you, we love you and every single article printed on behalf of your terrible tragedy makes everyone good want to say that we ARE out there....those who care and know that, as each of our children have graduated from schools, each who had their own growing experiences, will always see a young teen in a new fragile way. What wonderful people you all are...Please don't give up....and we won't either.
Candace Olds


My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this event. I cannot
imagine the pain and grief that the community is feeling because of this. I
only pray and wish that our future will bring us peace and joy and a lot of
Yours Truly,
Joan R.

Out thoughts and prayers are still with the student, families and faculty of

My dear friends,
I am a mother of three, a pediatric nurse and someone who has followed your
school from Michigan with the rest of the world.
Hearing the latest news of your school closing for the students has prompted
me to write to you, not knowing if you will read heart is just
There are millions like me who lay awake at night and think about every
student and teacher in your wonderful school....not even knowing their names.
But you are all so special and will always be until the end of time.....We
know you, we love you and every single article printed on behalf of your
terrible tragedy makes everyone good want to say that we ARE out
there....those who care and know that, as each of our children have graduated
from schools, each who had their own growing experiences, will always see a
young teen in a new fragile way. What wonderful people you all are...Please
don't give up....and we won't either.
Candace Olds

I am very sorry for the loss of so many lives in the horrific massacre.   My heart goes out to all the families and friends of the people who died in the tragedy.    My heart also goes out to the families of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, wondering what could have influenced their sons to do such a horrific thing.  I especially say hello to Patrick Ireland , whose story I had followed on the television here in Ireland, I am amazed at his courage.
Thank you for taking the time to read my regards,
Love Tracie

God bless all of you who lived through that horrific day.  May all of you who
lost their children, friends, and loved ones that day live in peace and an
understanding that their loved ones have gone to a better place. 
The Farmer Family, Texas



I heard of today's shooting at the Subway shop near the school just
before lunch, my time.  About the only thing I can do from 2,000 miles+ away, is offer
my prayer to the Community. I haven't really stopped since April 20th.
My prayer: Quick now, go on with your mourning and grieving, but rally
around each other and the victims families, close any gap satan may try
to sneak through. I pray a Crown of Thorns around the Columbine
Community. Satan, I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus. You have no
dominion over this community. Take a hike and get lost. Only Jesus is
the sole authority around here.
Below are some scriptures to help alleviate the renewed stress from the

CRISIS: Ps 23:4, Ps 34:2-4, John 14:18
SADNESS: 2 Corin 4:16-18, Rev 21:4-5, Ps 43:5
STRESS: Ps 9:9, Ps 73:26, Ps 91:7-10, 1 Pet 5:7, John 14:27, Ps 56:3-4
REFUGE: Ps 91:1-2&14-15, Nahum 1:7, 2 Sam 22:2-3, Ps 34:18

I found these verses at...
I had thought the community would have a reason to celebrate today with
Dave Sanders receiving an ESPY Award tonight on ESPN. I'll be watching,
applauding too, albeith with tears...joyful ones, this time.
A Carolina Hug and Prayers,



God bless all of you who lived through that horrific day.   May all of you who
lost their children, friends, and loved ones that day live in peace and an
understanding that their loved ones have gone to a better place. 
The Farmer Family, Texas

I probably feel the same way u do.  The tragedy at the school is unbearable.  I'll get to the point, I'm have to hand in an essay in two weeks for my english class.  I've heard about how there is complete zero tolerance to any violence right now in the United States.  However, I have also heard that schools have acted too harshly on students.  I read TIME magazine and found out about this student, Antonius Brown, who was expelled, imprisoned, and forbidden to graduate for writing a story in his journal about a person who rampaged his school.  That is totally ridiculous.  Good thing I live in Canada..  well, anyways, can u possibly give me information on how schools punish students harshly and unreluctantly in the US.  God bless you. 


To all of you affected closley by this tradgey, I am sorry.  I am 26 years
old, and teach the First Grade.  I was in my classroom, getting ready to eat
my lunch, when I turned on the TV, expecting to see a talk show, when I saw
Columbine High School in complete chaos.  I wish that I saw a talk show that
morning.  I have been affected by all of you.  I think about the families and
most of all, ALL of the students that had to witness that.  My heart goes out
to all of you.  When I see on TV, the follow up shows, and see how much
strength you all have, it makes my heart swell.  I couldn't imagine something
like that happening to me when I was the tender age of a high school student.
You all have given me so much strength.  I think about the victims of
Columbine, which includes the survivors, often.  I know that I will NEVER
forget that day, and how difficult it must be for all of you.  I couldn't
imagine the ache you must have in your hearts.  I'm sure that you all work
very hard so that none of the victims killed will have died in vain. 
You are all my heros, and will always be in my thoughts and prayers. 
Much love to all of the students at Columbine,
Suzanne Wells
Ft, Lauderdale, Florida



Hi my name is Angel. I have heard of your tragedy a lot and have prayed for
all those suffering and moving on and lost, but it wasn't until recently when
I not on the shooting. Going through many articles I noticed that Eric
Harris was rejected my the Marines, I didn't think twice about it until I
read further. I came across on article that stated the friends and family or
Eric wasn't sure if he was properly taking his medication his last weeks. I
know you already know all this, but I also have a friend on medication for a
mental illness. She applied to the Army (I'm not totally sure on that) but
when she went for her interview with her recruiter she did tell them about
her illness and that she was on medication. At this her recruiter told her to
take her self off the medication that day and by the time her test came about
it should be out of her system. My friend did this and was accepted by the
Army. She did this with no knowledge by her doctor, she took her self off her
medication which is  dangerous. No one will ever know for sure, but my
writing to you is that if one recruiter said "hey, take your self off your
meds" maybe another will. Just maybe in all of this he was persuaded by the
government to not take his meds. Now I know he planed this out for quite some
time and had his date already. But maybe this had something to do with it,
considering the family background it seems plausible.



I'm sorry, I sdont mean to remind you of your pain. i only need to know that
your all doing ok now, maybe then i can get on with my life. i live in iowa
and i have 2 beautiful children. the oldest will start school next year. this
tragedy has shown me that all i can do is try to protect them and love them
with all my heart, but in the end someone else can make the decision as to
what happens to them. how do you go on after something like this has happened
to your community? i think about you all daily and my heart and sympathy goes
out to all the victims and survivors. even after the 2 gunmen chose to take
thier own lives the impact of what they have done will live on forever and
continue to grow if we dont stop it now. this meaningless killings can not
continue. please know that i will always remember you and i have taught me
children to love every one and in your loved ones memories i will fight to
end the violence! goodluck and god bless each and every one of you.

Hi all, 2 pieces of exciting news; One, the spiritual aftermath of Columbine continues to grow and grow and grow and the number of souls saved by Jesus. Two, my abuse story will be printed in a start-up Christian magazine.

This past Saturday, I ushered at Teen Mania's "Acquire The Fire" Rally in Richmond, Va. During two alter calls, I witnessed hundreds and hundreds of high school kids and young adults come forward to pick up the torch Rachel and Cassie dropped April 20th. So many kids came forward, the crowd overflowed into the aisles on the floor in front of the stage. I mentioned to my usher captain, less victims for Satan, more souls for Jesus.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!

Please pray for these new Christian warriors as they return to their communties and take back their schools for Jesus. The Supreme Court decreed God out of America's public schools, but it never will and never can decree Jesus out the hearts of this New Generation of Christians.

The dramatic part of the rally came when Ron Luce, TM's founder and director of ATF, read a letter of financial support for an overseas missions trip from a teenager. Her name....Rachel Joy Scott. Her letter is printed in the rally program

Tragically, Rachel was killed weeks before she was to embark on her missions trip. In her journal, she expressed a deep desire to serve Christ in Africa. 

After Ron mentioned her name, the sold-out Coliseum, fell into the most profound state of silence I have heard in a sports arena. It was so quiet, I could've heard the smallest of a pin drop. The only noise were the coolers for the floor ice used for hockey games.

Please share this exciting and GREEEAAAAATTTTTT news with friends in your area, especially those in the still grief-stricken Columbine Community.

Also, Acquire The Fire will be coming to Denver May 5 and 6. I enthusiastically encourage kids in the metro area to register for your upcoming ATF rally. I guarantee this, you will not be disapppinted. Hey why not even volunteer for this rally like I did for the one in Richmond. They'll need the help. I have also volunteered for ATF's in Nashville, my native Baltimore and Charlotte, NC where I presently live.

You can also check out ATF at or There is also link to the Teenage Bill of Rights. I encourage kids AND their parents to sign it. This 41 year-old "teenager" has signed it.

Two, I was contacted by The Columbine Redemption about my abuse story. They're going to publish it in the February issue of Rachel's Journal. This is a magazine dedicated Rachel's memory put together by her dad, Darryl and a Scott family friend. You can see what I am talking about at
In the deepest ashes of tragedy, grief and sorrow, the Holy Spirit of Jesus is glowing.
God Bless,
Mark :)


Thirteen angels were called home on that sad an fateful day ThirteenAngels Flew awayto the maker up above Thirteen friends we dearly loved On loan from the maker aboveColumbine Angels We  will never forget you or your loving ways Thirteen AnngelsOn the wings of a dove Flew side by side to Heaven above Columbine Angels Oh how we will miss you as the years go by But the maker on high sent his heavenly Angel to guide you each step of the way Thirteen  Columbine Angels  flew away .

Columbine Memorial Wallpaper God Will Take Care of You


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