In Loving Memory of Tina Hang:
Valley View High School would like to send their condolences to Tina Hangs Family.  I know what a loss you suffered when Tina passed.  Tina wasnt a bad person Tina was a sweetheart.  Tina was a very quiet individual.  Well Tina we all miss you here at Valley View High School.  The Family Please know that there are many prayers being said for you.Remain strong.   Her life here was a blessing to all of us and we will not forget her.
    God bless you,
Valley View HIgh School


Randall Robert Hasseld (Randy)- All us the Hasseld family would like to say the Randy Hasseld was a good man.  He would always make you laugh.  He would do anything to help or care for you.  But may he live the rest of his life with god.

We will miss you Randy.

Father- Robert N. Hasseld
Mother- Mary Lou Patton Hasseld
Brother- Gregory L. Hasseld
Children- Ryan and Ashley Hasseld





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