In Loving Memory of:

Hallie R Barnes

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10/25/48 -11/28/91

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Hallie was an unbelievable man.
He was a hard worker from a young age until he could no longer work anymore. He was a wonderful father, son, brother, husband,and a friend to everyone he met. Hallie never complained,even through his enduring pain. Everyone who met him was touched by such a very special person, he gave inspiration to everyone to live life to the fullest.

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Hallie was a Union worker for construction, and was proud of
doing a honest days work. And he worked till his health would
not let him anymore. He was a fighter. He was an assistant deputy
for the local police department. Which he also excelled in during
his last few months.

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His accomplishments were many. He had a strong determination
and excelled in whatever he was doing. He ws a role model
for all of us who was left behind.

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If only we could touch you,to hug you. At times our souls ache
for you, for your presence, your wonderful laugh, the gleem in
your eyes. Your unending jokes.

We Love You So Much!!!!!
We will see you again someday in the glory of Jesus Christ.


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