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Josephine Bobola

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May 30, 1920 -May 30, 1996

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Josie (as she was known to friends and relatives), died on May 18, 1996.  My grandmother was the most caring, humorous, wise, independent, nuturing and loving person I knew.  She could make me laugh when I was feeling angry or sad.  Her remedy for everything was food and laughter!  Whenever I recall a memory of her, I find myself smiling and laughing to myself in the hopes that somewhere, some place...she can hear me.   I miss her very much.  My Grandma was one of my best friends...I remember taking trips in the summer, and on holidays to go and visit her up north.  Upon arrival, she would have a 3 course Italian meal waiting for us!  She made the most amazing homemade pizza, tortes, italian cookies, pasta, bread and so much more.  Not to mention she was very good at playing cards as well!  I felt it necessary to create this memorial for a tribute to my Grandma, my friend, my buddy...I miss you Grams...

and I love you...SARAH

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