In Loving Memory of:

Ruth Buller

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Unknown -1997


My Grandmother Ruth Buller taught me most about life and how to live up to my ability.
She has a Daughter who Adopted me when I was Six and I'm thankful for it.
Ruth then stopped being a Teacher and moved to Colorado to be with her family.
I remember the happy summers playing with her and comming to get candy and treats like a brother or sister would do for their younger siblings.(maybe it depends) I remember being able to go and see my Grandmother and getting the best presents from her for Christmas,Easter,my Birthday etc.
What i remember most was her love and kindness in her way of spending her time with me.
She will always be in my heart forever to come.
She was Born in Pensicola,Fl and Died in Castle Rock,Co


A Elementary,Middle,and High School Teacher(30 years?).
Mentor to me by helping me learn the rights and wrongs of growing up.


Helping me know myself better,helping others,and living for who I am and not for what others think I can or will be.


Grandma I hope you like it up wherever you are and someday we wil be together again as a Family.
i hope you met up with Mandy and Mitch Someday Mom,Dad,Me(Teri)and Mosie will all be together as a whole family unit.
best of luck with what ever you're doing up in Heaven Teaching like you used to do.
you'll always be in my heart no matter what happens.
I love you!!!!


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