In Loving Memory of:

Marie Schena Chiaradio

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4-13-1939 -5-15-2001

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Many joys have touched me through my mother... I've been going through old photographs and pictures, all tender special memories my mother saved, and I smile and feel warm inside.  Throughout our lives we count our successes and pat ourselves on  the back, how seldom do we remember who it was, she who showed me how to care, how to love, how to feel, and how to be free. 
I feel  total filling and flooding of body and heart in the silence of my mothers embrace.
My ever loved mother, I salute you with my affection once more, and thank you for bringing me into this world, and for all your unwearied care over me there.  May God reward you for it - as assuredly he will and does.  My dear mother...if you are happy, I have everything I can wish for.


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