In Loving Memory of:
Dan Connolly

This site is in memory of my father, Dan Ford Connolly.  He was born on June 7, 1947.  He was a fun, happy person to be around.  He always made jokes and made my friends crack up.  I was daddy's girl.  My dad tended to overexaggerate, so when he complained that he had a bad stomach ache no one thought anything of it.  To my surprise in April of 1995 he was diagnosed with stage 4 of non-hodgkins lymphoma.   It was really hard to see my dad sick.  He tried his hardest to have high spirits and make people laugh, but inside he was so depressed.  A couple weeks before he passed away he came home from the hospital and when he was home he was acting really strange and halucinating.  It was really scary.  My mom took him back to the hospital at about 4am.  We had to go in his hospital room with masks on so we wouldn't contaminate his air.  He died on July 12, 1996. I still feel guilty because on the day before he died my sister and I went to a party and we didn't get to see him for the last time.  Of course we didn't know that he was going to die, but I still feel bad.

I will miss my dad forever.

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