In Loving Memory of:

Jobie F Conklin

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1964 -2001

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He lived in New York almost all of his life. He attended school with his two bigger brothers and sister in South New Berlin New York. He Has three kids. Two sons and one daughter. Their names are Jobie Jr. 13 ,Travis 7,Jessica 10. He also lived with his fiancee Kimberly Webb the mother of Travis. His whole family surrounded him with love. His mothers name is Marry Conklin .

He mostly did work on the road.  He did find time to help out his brother Bill Conklin,Don Anthony,and his sister Judy Ray.

Having great kids and a kind heart was Jobies best accomplishments

The Whole family of Jobie. F. Conklin Would like to thank everyone that helped out.
           THANK  YOU

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Jobie F Conklin
Rt 23 PO. Box 41
South New Berlin, NY 13843

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