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T.J. Guillory


This is a tribute to my 6 year old cousin that we lost last year.  No one truly knows how short one's life may be until you are faced with the situation at hand. My cousin was very dear and precious to us all as we have to now come to grasp that he is walking beside our precious lord and looking down on us all.

T.J. was active in many ways, and had a way of pushing his energy and full of liveliness off on anyone he was around. T.J. was in tae kwon do as well as being a football and baseball player. He also did equally as good in his school time activities. He made many friends and will be forever remembered in a lot of people's hearts. He touched the hearts of many people and he must surely feel proud that he was so dearly loved as he looks down on us all now.

The situation we had to face with his death made me realize no one has control over when it is time to go. It is a long and almost endless battle as we try to grasp the realization that we no longer have him by our side. This tribute is to also let everyone realize that we should never take each and every day for granted with the ones we love.  For you never know when today just may be your last.

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