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"Working at Cruttenden Roth was one of Jack's true devotions, that he cherished


For fourteen years
Jack worked for the Foreign Equties Firm, Cruttendon Roth, and really found a place where he was happy.  I recall the many times he would come home and relay to me his enthusiasm over his days work.  It always seemed to keep him young and energetic. 

That was always something that made me really love Jack.  He was so stable that I always felt comforted by that fact.  He had a true love for his work, but he always made time for me and our relationship. 

I remember the time when Jack told me that he was going to have to work late on my 30th birthday.  I was a little bit discouraged, but realized that it was probably a very important project that he must be working on.  To my surprise he showed up right when I got out of work in a limousine with a bouque of roses.  I was extremely startled and surprised, but was even more so, when he told the limo driver to take us to the airport.  We ended up vacationing for the weekend in Jamaica, where I had been wanting to go for years.

This was just one of the many times I realized how much I loved Jack.

"I believe that there is a time in everyone's life when they realize that life is what you make of it.  Being friends with Jack since childhood, I have always found Jack to make the most of his life and experience every challenge he undertook."
-Henry Collins

"Jack was always quite the adventurer.  He seemed to try everything that other people found too hard, or too dangerous." 


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"Jack always enjoyed the more challenging activities."                                                                 -Christina

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"Cliff diving was one of Jack's favorite past times.  He knew
that it was dangerous, but he could never pass up the thrill. 
I wish he could have passed it up, if he would have,
he would be here with me today."




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  "I can remember numerous times when Jack, Christina,    Henry, and other friends of Jack's would go out for a day   cruise on the 'Wind Slipper' it always ended in some sort of boisterous revelry."


Goodbye from Christina:

"You were the greatest husband that I could ever hope to have.   You were caring compassionate and someone which I feel a deep connection to.
I just wish that we would have had the chance to spend more time together.

The times that we spent together I will never forget, and will always cherish them in my heart.

Jack I will miss you always and forever..."
                               Love you always

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"I always enjoyed those times when Jack and I would set sail
and enjoy the more calmer things in life."



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Goodbye from Henry Collins:

"I will always miss Jack.  I cannot recall all of the fun times that we had together, because there were too many.  I still am trying to realize the fact that I won't see him again, but it is so hard.  One really doesn't make many best friends in their life, and when you know they are your best friend it makes it even harder... 
I hope good ole Jack is doing well in the afterlife.  I only can remember him in my memories now, but that will have to do.  Lifelong friends are hard to find."     
                                            Your friend always,



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