Katie Bug "my sunshine" you are forever missed and loved.  Everyday is so hard to get through without your beautiful smile or your sweet uplifting voice saying "don't cry momma I am going to be alright."  And you were right.  You are just fine Bug, but momma isn't, not without my sweet sunshine Katie Bug.

Katie was a beautiful, sweet, loving, kind, and thoughtful person.  She battled a hard 8 months with Leukemia.  We were told on July 17, 1998 that she had Leukemia, and on March 9, 1999 our sunshine lost the fight.  I just want everyone to know that she never gave up, but she needed to rest.  God knew this and helped her to that place where she could do just that in the heavens above, with him and his other angels.

May you rest in peace my sweet little Katie Bug.

Momma loves and misses you every minute of everyday and I always will

-Paula Page -


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