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Lindsey Diane Kerr

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Lindsey Diane Kerr, 15, of Danville, died at 12:19 a.m. Wednesday, June 24, 1998, at Burlington Medical Center.

Born May 9, 1983, she was the daughter of Randy G. and Cathy Diane Wolfe Kerr.

Miss Kerr was a sophomore at Danville High School in Danville.

She was a member of Danville High School's vocal chorus, swing choir, track team, and was an honor roll student. She loved music, track, shopping and spending time with her friends.

Survivors include her parents; one sister, Laura Joann Kerr at home; grandparents, Darrell and Joan Wolfe of Danville and Grace Kerr of West Burlington; several aunts, uncles, and cousins.

She was preceded in death by her paternal grandfather.

Visitation will be after noon today at Lunning Chapel. There will be no family visitation.

The funeral for Miss Kerr will be at 10 a.m. Friday at Danville High School, with the Rev. Harry Hollingsworth officiating. Burial will be in Jaggar Cemetery, Danville.

A memorial has been established.

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I thought of you with love today, But that is nothing new.
I though about you yesterday, And days before that too.
I think of you in silence, I often speak your name.
Now all I have is memories, And your picture in a frame.
Your memory is my keepsake, With which I'll never part.
God has you in his keeping, I have you in my heart.



How much would I give to be where you are?
Not sitting down here wishing upon a star,
That somehow God would give you back to me,
But I can't change that, angel, and now you are free.
Watching over us night and day,
Saying "I Love You" in your own special way,
I know as soon as it's my turn to fly,
I will meet you up there in the sky!
I love you.



LDK8398MYLYWYWHSBSAN4E Lindsey Diane Kerr 83-98 miss you love you wish you were here sorry babe spanky always and 4 ever.


"One of my best friends just passed away a little bit ago. I dedicated this race to her. That pushed me at the end to get through the race." - Brianna Wilkerson, talking about Lindsey after taking first place in a cross country meet.


A Danville girl is dead after an accident Tuesday near Starr's Cave on Irish Ridge Road .

Lindsey Diane Kerr, 15, 206 Dewey St., Danville, died at Burlington Medical Center after the driver of the car she was in lost control on Irish Ridge Road about 9:54 p.m. and hit a utility pole at Starr's Cave Road.

The driver, Derek M. Evans, 16, 11804 Northview Drive, Burlington, and a front-seat passenger, Ashley Siefken, 15, 204 S. Main St., Danville, were wearing seat belts and suffered minor injuries.

It was not revealed whether Kerr, a back-seat passenger in the 1964 car, was buckled up.

Des Moines County Sheriff's Deputy Bob Thompson said alcohol was not involved in the accident, but charges are pending.

Kerr's father, Randy Kerr, said his daughter was with her family at a baseball game Tuesday evening in West Burlington before taking off with friends.

He said he didn't know all the details of the accident, but was told by a sheriff's deputy the driver of the car apparently was speeding when he lost control.

Kerr said his daughter would have been a sophomore at Danville High School this fall.

Lindsey Kerr was on the track team and swing choir, and was working as a secretary at a chiropractor's office.

"She liked to talk to people; she was friends with everybody," he said. "She had a lot of dreams to go through."



Becca Williams

It was only supposed to be for fun, A moonlit ride that summer night. Slow down.

How did it go so wrong, Something that seemed so right? Slow down.

And how we cry now, And wonder why didn't you Slow down.

I'm trying to find someone to blame, Or someone to tell me why. Slow down.

And just when I think I'm at peace with it, I break down and cry. Slow down.

And now I'm wondering why I have to, Say goodbye to you. Slow down.
This is all too fast for me, Too much to comprehend. Slow down.
We love you.
Slow down.
We miss you.
Slow down.
Slow down.



Becca Williams

Once there was a time When the worst thing that could happen Was getting picked last for basketball Or failing a math test.

Once there was a time When the worst thing you could say Was "I hate you" to you best friend And take it back two minutes later.

Once there was a time When something funny happened You could race for the phone And call your friend.

Now there is a time When the worst thing has happened And it's not getting picked last Or a bombed test.

Now there is a time When the worst thing you can say Has been said And you can't take it back.

Now there is a time When something funny happens You can still race for the phone But by the time you've touched the receiver You remember She isn't there anymore.



Becca Williams

And so the first year goes by
You wouldn't believe how many tears we've cried
I can't erase the memories of your smiling face
From my head or my heart
Nor do I want to.
Your memories are something I'll always tresure
I don't ever want to lose them
Losing them would mean losing another part of you
Your memory is something with which I'll never part
God has you in His keeping
I have you in my heart.
Memories fade away with the years
And still we cry so many tears.
They say
Weep not for the memories
I try not to
I know you wouldn't want me to cry
I try to remember the happy times
From track meets all the way back to nursery rhymes.
A life gone by too fast
Dreams all in the past
We'll be missing you forever.



Christa Shaffer

We can't believe you passed away We all wish you were here today.
Pain and greif is what we're going through Crying 'til we're sick Not knowing what to do.
Every day we talk about you It's a shame God took you before you grew.
You had your life planned out step by step We all feel bad because we probably said something we now regret.
"It's not fair," is what they all say We will be together again someday.
We will always remember you in our heart When our time comes we'll be together and not apart.



The day that I found out what had happened, I couldn't believe it. My heart was filled with pain while my head was spinning around. I'm gonna miss you forever. This thing called goodbye is not so understandable. Even though I know you're up where you belong, I'm still gonna miss you. Miss you forever. Miss you 'til the world comes to an end. Your memory remains in my heart and my head, stuck like a thread. Your memory is something I don't ever wanna lose. You were everything, everything anyone wanted to be. We'll be missing you forever. Forever and a day. I guess we'll never know where our lives are gonna lead. Life is not fair and hardly ever what it is cracked up to be. Your life was too short, but filled with so many memories. Have you ever wondered "Why?" Why you? I wish you were here. You're gonna be missed forever. Forever and ever. We'll be missing you.



God gave us a daughter to love for awhile
One we thought was our own
But God in His own mysterious way,
Said, "No, it was just a loan."
We could plan all our plans,
Dream all our dreams
And hope what she'd be
When grown,
But all of this time
We never knew,
She was only on a loan.
We could love and
Cherish her all we would,
And believe she was ours alone,
But God had another plan for her,
So we had her just on a loan.
Then came the day God called for her,
And took her to a new home,
Then we found out there was interest to pay,
On this girl who was here on a loan.
Grief and sorrow are the interest you pay,
On the joys of a daughter half-grown
For never once did we ever dream
She was sent to us on a loan.
A greater life was waiting for her,
For God took her up on His throne,
So we thank you Lord, for the time we had,
With this girl who was here on a loan.



When I must leave you for a little while,
Please do not grieve and shed wild tears
And hug your sorrow to you through the years,
But start out bravely with a gallant smile;
And for my sake and in my name
Live on and do all things the same.
Feed not your loneliness on empty days,
But fill each waking hour in useful ways,
Reach out your hand in comfort and in cheer
And I in turn will comfort you and hold you near,
And never, never be afraid to die,
For I am waiting for you in the sky!


For Lindsey


She used to be taller than that
Her body was too messed up from
The Accident
The undersized casket
I glared at it
It glared back
I hated it
I hated it for what it held
My friend
So soon taken away
Full of life
Now reduced to nothing
Expecting her to lift the lid
Joke, she'd say
With a smile
Light it up
Light the room
And all will be right in
The world
For that split second
And as I realize
She will never sit up again
The tears
They flow down my face
Hold me, hold me
And they go to bury her
I edge closer to the
Ugly casket
I am not afraid
I am not afraid of you
I place my hands upon it
Upon her
In a sense, that close
I'm sorry for the things I've said
Scent of roses
Sound of tears
Goodbye, my friend
Close as I'll ever be again
And as I walk away
I look back
The ugly casket stares back at me
She used to be taller than that



Becca Williams

The other day I got to wondering
How you were
How you were doing way up in the clouds
The world's still spinnin' and I don't know where to turn
Cuz my world stopped a long time ago
And I
I guess I'll wonder, I guess I'll wait down here
Looks like I don't have much say
About when I'll see you again
I guess I'll wonder, I guess I'll wait down here
I'm waiting for that sweet sweet day
When I'll see you again
I can hear you saying it now, "You'll see me soon enough
Don't worry about when, we'll see each other again."
But I can't wait for that day I see your face
And be engulfed in an
Angel's embrace
And I
I guess I'll wonder, I guess I'll wait down here
Looks like I don't have much say
About when I'll see you again
I guess I'll wonder, I guess I'll wait down here
I'm waiting for that sweet sweet day
When I'll see you again
I'll see you again
I'll see you again
I know I know I know I know I'll see you again
I'll see you again
I'll see you again
I'll see you



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