In Loving Memory of:

Joy Breen Macfadden

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As my grand parent, I want to dedicate this to them.  She was my best friend.  I loved her in more than words can say.  She was always there for me, even in the toughest times of my life.  She certainly deserved her name because thats what she gave  We will always cherish her loving smile,and we will always cherish her.  She was so important to me and everyone else.  I remember the last words she said to me,"when I get out of here,we're going shopping."unfortunatly,we couldn't share that together,but we always go shopping together,even though I do not know it.

Grandma...I love you

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She had many jobs in her younger years, but she only focused on one.  She truly wanted to be a singer/songwriter,which she was very good at.  She was well-known in San-Diego, where she lived for a while.  She played the piano like fire, and as a little girl, I sang "the queen of the gambling scene,"was our particular favorite.

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