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Jerry Modolo

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I do not know much about Jerry's history, so I am not going to be able to tell you too much about it. I do know that Jerry has two sisters, Joan Funk of New Orleans, Louisiana and Delores Modolo of Thousand Oaks, California. HIs brother, Richard Modolo also resides in California as do his parents Victor and Helen Modolo. Jerry is also survived by his wife Leon Modolo and his son Mark Modolo of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I wish I knew more of his history, but those of you read this memorial know Jerry and the things I left out about him please think of them now as you read this.


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Jerry was a retired Colonel from the United States Air Force. He also served as a fighter pilot in Vietnam.I am not sure how many years he spent in the service or how many different duty stations he had. I do know that he and his wife Mrs. Leon, moves to Ocean Springs, Mississippi and started their own business, Heavenly Ham. They worked hard on this store and they have made a good name for the business.


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Jerry worked hard for all he had. He was very dedicated to his work and put much time and effort into making himself and his business known. He was a member of the Gulf Coast Restaurant Association, Chamber of Commerece, and he was very active in the community of our very small town. He was always willig to give anyone a chance.


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For those of you reading this you all know who I am (if not, I am siging the end of the page)and what role Jerry plaed in my life. Jerry gave me a second chance to live and to him I am very grateful. I am not going to go into any great detail about anything becuase you all know what happened. I send my regards out to Jerry's family, and most of all to his wife and to my Heavenly Ham crew who is like a second family to me. Jerry was a tough man to work for, but we all know he had a good heart. He was just tough to deal with. Below is a poem written by Paul Laurence Dunbar that I thought would be appropriate for this web page. Please read on and when you are finished visiting the memorial, please sign the guestbook.


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It as if a silver chord Were suddenly grown mute, And life's song with its rhythm warred Against a silver lute.

It is as if a silence fell Where bides the garnered sheaf, And voice murmuring, "It is well," Are stifled by our grief.

It is as if the gloom of night Had hid a summer's day, And willows, sighing at their plight, Bent low beside the way.

For he was part of all the best The Nature loves and gives, And ever more on Memory's breast He lies and laughs and lives.

~Paul Laurence Dunbar

For those of you reading this, this is my tribute to Jerry on the one year anniversary of his death. I think of him always and my crew at Heavenly Ham. I love you guys and I am sorry I cannot be there with you. However, I am there in spirit. Jerry, we love you always. Even though you are not here physically, we know you are here in spirit watching over us and keeping us safe.

Andraya N. Catchot(Nattrass)

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