In Loving Memory of:

Becky Ann Ramsay

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January 30, 1984-October 25, 2000

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Every soccer game, she was there. Standing with Gina, cheering on Curt and the rest of our team. Never realizing just how much her support really meant, until she was gone.
The last mental picture, that I cherish is of her standing on the side line, wearing a pink tank top and her strawberry blond hair in pig tails. Looking as cute as I wish I could.
Her smile lighting up the whole field. We won that game, and I believe because she was there, and God knew it would be her last time.
That wednesday, she came home from church, and while walking to her front door, a shot rang out. Instantly, she fell to the ground. With the strength she had left she made it to her front door, opened and called to her mom. Then she collapsed, as her mom rushed over and administered despereate CPR attempts in order to save her baby girls life. Those motherly-attempts were not enough. Our Angel has left us, and is now in heaven, looking down, watching over us all, and probably cheering for our soccer team from her elevated view.

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Becky was a student at Academy of Tucson.
Also, a former student of Arizona College Prepatory Academy.
She was a lifeguard at Freedom Park during the summers and had been saving nearly all the money from each pay check, and had just bought her first car, 2 weeks before her death.

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Becky could instant peace with just a smile, and she would have been a high school graduate of 2002.

"We miss you Beckers!!" - family & friends

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go to the above site to read a poem I wrote for Becky

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