In Loving Memory of:

Michael Vincent Schembs

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1/18/74 -3/4/92

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Michael was born in Philadelphia Pa on Jan 18 1974. He was the first of 2 children born to Donna and Robert. He is brother to Donna who is three years younger. He loved sports and was a big Eagles and Flyers fan. He attended North Catholic high school. Michael loved to play practical jokes on his friends and it was not uncommon for friends to find their baseball caps frozen in the freezer! He had a great outlook on life and there was much he wanted to accomplish. Then, on March 4 1992, this beautiful life was cut short by a bullet. Michael was with us for only a short time, but his gifts of love and laughter will be with us forever. Michael, you are with us always. Michael Schembs "Forever Young"

Michael wanted to join the Coast Guard or be a police officer.

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