Board Member Gives Her Art to Hospice

Maria Bacinich, a member of Hospice's Board of Directors since 1983 and vice-chairman since 1991, has also shared her extraordinary artistic talent with Hospice of Palm Beach County.  For the past five years, Mrs. Bacinich's distinctive watercolors have graced the front of the donation appeals that are mailed twice yearly to Hospice's friends and supporters. 

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The landscapes,seascapes and wonderful village scenes from Palm Beach and Portugal, where she spends her summers painting and teaching, have also been packages as a box of eight notecards.  All proceeds from the sales go to Hospice of Palm Beach County.  Mrs. Bacinich's work has an element that truly captures the essence of the Palm Beaches and the values embraced by Hospice of Palm Beach County.

News to Friends, Hospice of Palm Beach County March 1999 Iss.4

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