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"Jack was always the best at everthing that he tried, whether it was sailing, skiing or making somebody laugh." 

"There was never a time that I wasn't smiling around Jack.  I remeber how
his eyes would light up everytime he laughed.

-Henry Collins

Boating was his life.  I will never forget how excited he would get to out on the lake after school when we were younger.   It was the water that he loved, and the biggest joy in his life."

Jack Morris Hamilton III

      Born in Vermont in the winter of 1964, Jack was raised at the Hamilton home on Lake Champlain.  This incredible environment led to an active and auspicious childhood during which Jack demonstrated what would come to be his life-long enthusiasm for water sports.  Following a record-setting swimming career at Berkshire Academy, Jack attended Hobart College where he studied Spanish and Economics, and rode crew for his final two years.  After graduating Magna Cum Laude Jack moved to San Diego due largely in part to his love of the water.  In 1985 he took a position with Cruttenden Roth Foreign Equities as an analyst and consultant for Mexican commodity companies.  
      After three years of very hard work Jack met me, the only true love of his life.  If love at first sight happens every so often, it happened with us.  I had just graduated from the University of California, San Diego.  One of my sorority sisters and best friends was seeing Jacks long life friend Henry, who had moved to San Diego a year before Jack and who subsequently encouraged him to move as well.  She told me I simply must meet this gorgeous friend of Henry's named Jack.  The four of us had a "sail boat picnic" in the bay and Jack had the confidence to pull me in the ocean and kiss me!  We were married in the summer of 88' at my family's home in La Jolla, CA.  We honeymooned in the Cook Islands in the south pacific, quite possibly the most perfect two weeks shared by two people in history.  Jack and I lived a more passionate life than anyone I've know,   I'm proud to believe. 
      Jack died as adventurously as he lived.   In January 1999 he and Henry were cliff diving on a men's getaway weekend in Acapulco.  Both men were experienced and skilled divers but perhaps it was just Jack's time to leave this world, and go on to a greater divine adventure.

Even though Jack was my little brother, as the years went by, I ended up looking up to him more and more, as though he was always teaching me something.



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      Jacks childhood home on Lake Champlain in Vermont.





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